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PDE target platform cache path

Sometimes you build a broken bundle and publish it on a local update site for some of your colleges. However you’re colleges have already set up their target platform and Eclipse PDE cached the bundles. PDE seems to be really smart when it comes to use cached bundles. Deleting and resetting the target platform didn’t work for me. So I want to replace the bundle in the cache, but where is the folder?

Short answer:


How I found it:

  1. Go to your workspace
  2. find -name ‚*‘ which results in the caching directory and the place of your file
  3. Replace the incorrect bundle in your cache


This is a short hack in development environments. If a release is broken you should realize this before you publish the site. And if it happens, then update the version of your broken bundle an republish, so the newer version is fetched.